Mike India Kilo Echo

My personal phonetic alphabet that I use to clarify all misunderstandings when I try to spell tricky things like “Michael” over the phone: AAreBBdellium CCzarDDjibouti or Richard EEuphoriaFFraise GGnomeHHeir IIllicitJJalapeno KKnightLthe silent L in Llama MMnemonicNNee OOuija BoardPPterodactyl QQatRR you sure? SSeaTTsunami UUrushiolV'v' will! WWriteXXylophone YYouZZhou


Natural Timing: A Portal 2 Map

Available for download here. ‘Natural Timing’ is my first custom map for Portal 2, it’s not very polished as it wasn’t done with the Hammer Editor, but it is, I think, a very solid puzzle. Portal 2 is one of my favorite puzzle games, for those of you who don’t...