Bitshifts & Safetybelts

The Steganographic Way Look at this picture of Andy, do you see a hidden message? The text 'Hello World!' is encoded into this image. ‘Hello World!’ is able to live inside that image using one common method of Steganography: “the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file...


Heavy Duty Motion Detector: Part I

The Idea THE HEAVY DUTY MOTION DETECTOR can detect any human or wild animal that is not asleep, and also not strictly not asleep. The documentation isn’t written well. On motion detection it will switch on an outlet, which could power any appliance (most likely a lamp or a toaster)!...


Mike India Kilo Echo

My personal phonetic alphabet that I use to clarify all misunderstandings when I try to spell tricky things like “Michael” over the phone: AAreBBdellium CCzarDDjibouti or Richard EEuphoriaFFraise GGnomeHHeir IIllicitJJalapeno KKnightLthe silent L in Llama MMnemonicNNee OOuija BoardPPterodactyl QQatRR you sure? SSeaTTsunami UUrushiolV'v' will! WWriteXXylophone YYouZZhou


Natural Timing: A Portal 2 Map

Available for download here. ‘Natural Timing’ is my first custom map for Portal 2, it’s not very polished as it wasn’t done with the Hammer Editor, but it is, I think, a very solid puzzle. Portal 2 is one of my favorite puzzle games, for those of you who don’t...