No Joke Party in 3 Flavors

Hello friends,

This weekend, we depart from our traditions of trickery and habits of unwholesomeness to bring you:


No fools. Just cools.

Turning a new (green)leaf, we’d like to present a no-strings-attached definitely safe no joke April Fool’s day gander in NAN528.

Prepare yourselves for a regular party of the most wholesome sort, a gathering of friends, plus drinks (and then you’ll have more friends).

Absolutely do not wear a helmet.

It’ll be a knockout.

*wink wink*


Saturday, April 1st

9pm til the cows come home

In a world where parties have absent for months, pollen rules the air, and spring break is already over, there is only one source of salvation. Join NAN528 at 9pm this Saturday, April 1st for our definitely-happening,-no-joke-please-come,-there-will-be-drinks-and-friends party of the semester.

Dear Diary,

I had a great spring break and I’m sad it ended so soon. Take me back to Florida and we can revel in the sand, play in the water, and watch anime like a total weeaboo. Classes are already annoying and the beach seems so far away. But then today took a turn for the better when I found this note on the ground!

There will be a party this Saturday at North Avenue North Apartments in Room 528 (NAN528). Drinks and light refreshments will be served. NAN528’s bar will be fully stocked and ready to go. This is a nm invite, so bring your friends!

Party. NAN528. 9pm. Saturday April 1st. No Joke.

Things are looking up. I think I have a reason to live.



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