Jews Jokes & Improv Lessons


Jew jokes have always been a tough spot for me. Am I Jewish enough to make them? Or am I only Jew-ish? Today I didn’t answer either, instead a perfect scenario descended from the Shamayim.

I’ve stared to take Improv lessons, I thoroughly enjoy it. I always wanted to have an outlet that involved humor and I’ve learned some presentation skills too. I want to share the dialogue from a scene I did with another student. Bear in mind we have only a few lessons of Improv under our belt. The topic was “Christmas”, see if you can catch it, I speak first:

“I want my kids to feel equal on Hanukkah, so I’m trying to put all my presents under the menorah. But they won’t fit!”

“Oh cool! Maybe you should just get a larger table.”

I bring two chairs over and arrange them like a table.

“I thought we’d actually buy a table, why this?”

“No no no, this is much cheaper.”

“Yeah you’re being really frugal!”

We’re interrupted by the instructor.


My partner for this scene, by the way, is a wonderful person. It’s really difficult to pay attention to the context you’re in while you think of what to say next, so I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more moments like this. It’s also half my fault for starting with such a racially tinted premise, but I did think this was funny. Earlier that lesson I had the topic “Rainbows”, and I immediately thought about “Gay Pride”, and it took a lot of work to think of something different.

I ended up picking “leprechaun”.

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